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Wiley – Wearin’ My Rolex

Danceable eye-candy from Wiley — here’s Wearin’ My Rolex (What Would We Do):

On a side note, Wiley took his name from the animated series ThunderCats — a series about cat-like humanoid aliens from the planet Thundera. I wonder if Wiley is secretly a furry

Wiley goes to a furry convention

Furries at convention


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Peter, Bjorn, and John – Lay It Down

Check out this awesome video from Peter, Bjorn, and John:

I have to organize a mask party in Vancouver. Δ

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German Animation: Don’t Build Here!

This animated short was made last year to rally opposition against the development plans of German investment giant Mediaspree:

Development plans for Berlin’s Spreeufer (a 400km river that runs past East Berlin) were put on hold during the 90s because of Germany’s ailing economy. The plans were dug up during the recent boom, much to the chagrin of these guys, who made this video to influence people’s decision on the upcoming Bürgerentscheid (referendum) in Berlin.

From the German Viral Video Awards 2008:

Wenn sich eine engagierte Gruppe eines wichtigen Themas wie der mindestens zwiespältigen Stadtplanung annimmt und mit geringen finanziellen Mitteln das Netz in jeder erdenklichen Form zur Verbreitung ihres Anliegens nutzt – und wenn diese Gruppe damit bis zu einem Volksentscheid in ihrem Sinne kommt, dann ist das nichts geringeres als Bürgerinitiative 2.0 und verdient unsere lobende Erwähnung.

When a committed group undertakes an important topic, like disputed city plans, and with slim financing uses the net in every conceivable way to advance their agenda — and when this leads to an important public decision — that is nothing less than People’s Initiative 2.0, and earns our praise and mention. (my translation)

Enjoy this cool, quirky video. Δ

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Hot Chip – One Pure Thought

An awesome music video from British electropop band Hot Chip:

Be sure to check out their new album, Made in the Dark. Δ

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Suko Zuwari: A delightfully strange kitty obsession

Japanese love cats that sit like humans

Scottish Folding

suko-zuwari = the amusing human-like sitting style of some cats

Over at the pet section of Yahoo! Japan, a Suko-zuwari” photo contest is in progress. “Suko-zuwari” is a word created by Japanese cat lovers to describe the amusing human-like sitting style of some cats. The behavior is most commonly found in Scottish Folds, so the first part of “Scottish” [スコティッシュ] was combined with word for “sitting” [座り] to make “suko-zuwari“ [スコ座り].

Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV” morning show recently ran a segment about the online photo contest, visiting a cat cafe to observe some “suko-zuwari“:

They find a few cats sitting in just such a pose, and comments are made about how it resembles the sitting style of lazy middle-aged men.

A cat expert says that cats often make various poses while licking themselves clean, and it is possible that some cats discover through their cleaning routines that the “suko-zuwari” position is comfortable. Only male cats seem to sit that way, and it may have something to do with their own desire to smell themselves. [via Japan Probe]

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Peter, Bjorn, and John – Nothing To Worry About

Another addictive video from Peter, Bjorn and John — this time with more Japanese Rockabilly dancers:

For more videos and information on the dancers of Yoyogi park, check out Nihongo Notes. Δ

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Vocoded News is Better News

It turns out that MSNBC, FOX, and CBS are all fascinating stations — that is, when you splice out the reporters and replace them with singing comedians. Fifth in the Auto-Tune The News series, “lettuce regulation” is pure hilarity:

I pitty the foo who says "Obrama"

I pitty the foo who says "Obrama"

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Living Graffiti

I discovered this super cool video a few days ago at the Vancouver Public Space Network film fest. It’s a stop-motion chalk art animation done by the artist Blu:

It was released under Creative Commons — which means you can watch it, screen it, copy it, snort it, eat it, put a red ribbon on it or just about anything else, as long as you don’t make money from it.   ∆

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