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German Animation: Don’t Build Here!

This animated short was made last year to rally opposition against the development plans of German investment giant Mediaspree:

Development plans for Berlin’s Spreeufer (a 400km river that runs past East Berlin) were put on hold during the 90s because of Germany’s ailing economy. The plans were dug up during the recent boom, much to the chagrin of these guys, who made this video to influence people’s decision on the upcoming Bürgerentscheid (referendum) in Berlin.

From the German Viral Video Awards 2008:

Wenn sich eine engagierte Gruppe eines wichtigen Themas wie der mindestens zwiespältigen Stadtplanung annimmt und mit geringen finanziellen Mitteln das Netz in jeder erdenklichen Form zur Verbreitung ihres Anliegens nutzt – und wenn diese Gruppe damit bis zu einem Volksentscheid in ihrem Sinne kommt, dann ist das nichts geringeres als Bürgerinitiative 2.0 und verdient unsere lobende Erwähnung.

When a committed group undertakes an important topic, like disputed city plans, and with slim financing uses the net in every conceivable way to advance their agenda — and when this leads to an important public decision — that is nothing less than People’s Initiative 2.0, and earns our praise and mention. (my translation)

Enjoy this cool, quirky video. Δ


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